Hypertension- BP measurement

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition in which the pressure of the blood increases in the arteries. A person may have hypertension without even knowing it, as in most people it doesn’t present any symptoms. Therefore it’s often called a ‘silent killer.’

The normal value of BP is 90-119 systolic and 60-79 diastolic. The causes of hypertension are not known in the majority of cases, however in some cases there is an underlying condition which causes a high blood pressure such as kidney disease.

The symptoms of hypertension may be headache, dizziness or nosebleeds, though only a few cases show these signs. The first line of treatment should be lifestyle modifications. Hypertension can be controlled with medications and stress management techniques.

Overview of Hypertension in India

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There are 4 stages of hypertension mainly normal BP, pre-hypertension, stage 1 hypertension and stage 2 hypertension. Mostly, Hypertension is an unnoticed condition. As many people with the condition do not show any signs or symptoms. However, a few people with Hypertension can have headaches, dizziness or nosebleeds. The only way to keep a check on Hypertension is a regular check-up.



The primary cause of hypertension is unknown. Essential hypertension generally develops over years and the reason of this type of high blood pressure is largely unknown. Secondary hypertension is caused due to  underlying medical conditions such as kidney disease or diabetes for example.

There are many factors which can contribute to the development of hypertension such as age, family history, obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking and lack of physical activity.


Hypertension- treatment-yoga
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Hypertension can be treated with medications and lifestyle approaches. There are several lifestyle changes that can prove effective in hypertension treatment such as brisk walking daily.

Some lifestyle changes which can help control hypertension are limiting salt intake, eating a healthy-balanced diet, yoga and exercises, avoiding alcohol in large quantities, smoking, losing weight, and managing stress.


Hypertension-prevention-low salt.

There are several lifestyle changes which can help prevent hypertension. Exercise is a good way to prevent hypertension. Hypertension may be prevented by the following changes in one’s lifestyle:

  1. By limiting salt intake.
  2. By eating a healthy and balanced diet.
  3. By avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking.
  4. By losing weight naturally.
  5. By managing stress in a natural way.

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