Child Obesity

child obesity

Child obesity is a condition characterized by excess body fat. Children who are medically obese are at a higher risk of developing other health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, and asthma.

Several factors can lead to child obesity such as behavior, environment, and genetics. Child obesity can also have negative implications on self-confidence and lead to depression.

The most beneficial way to reduce child obesity is by following a healthy dietary routine and enjoyable exercise habits with the family.

Obesity is a global issue!

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child obesity- child on-scale

Child obesity is a serious issue and leads to several growth and developmental problems in children. If obesity is unchecked or untreated, it could lead to medical conditions such as diabetes, sleeping disorders, depression, and hypertension.

Some of the common symptoms of child obesity are fatigue, depression, eating more than usual, and reluctance to socialize or participate in various activities. As soon as any of these symptoms become evident, it is best to consult a doctor.  If you have a quick question, download seeDoc app and ask a doctor for free.


Child obesity- junk food

There are various causes of child obesity. Child obesity results from eating more especially processed poor quality foods and exercising less. Changing lifestyles and eating patterns have contributed to the increasing rate of child obesity in India.

Child obesity can lead to severe health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep disorders. The most common causes of child obesity are unhealthy diets, lack of physical activities, lifestyle issues and genetic factors.

Causes of Childhood Obesity.

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Child obesity help.

Child obesity is a very common condition and can be easily diagnosed. The treatment for child obesity differs from that in adults. It is based on the age and other medical conditions of the child.

Treatment programs such as behavioral changes, dietary-health improvements, physical activity and weight loss with medications may help curb child obesity. There are ways in which child obesity can be prevented such as:

  1. By eating home-made food regularly.
  2. By reducing the amount of sugar intake.
  3. By eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  4. By restricting junk food to a minimum.
  5. By dividing meals in proper portions.
  6. By encouraging participation in outdoor sports or activities instead of indoor activities such as watching TV or playing video games.


Child obesity-screen time.

Prevention can serve as the key to controlling the problem of child obesity. Changes in dietary patterns and exercise routines can help prevent and curb child obesity.

It is preferable to start a weight loss program in childhood if the child is obese as it is difficult to lose weight in adulthood. Restricting the amount of time spent watching TV has shown positive signs in preventing child obesity.

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