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Autism is a developmental condition resulting from a neurological disorder.  It affects the normal functioning of a brain, impacting social and communication skills. Autism affects each individual differently and to varying degrees. It is generally misunderstood as a mental disorder.

An autistic child can lead a normal life especially with the help of support groups and NGOs. There are some schools which help facilitate an autistic child’s growth where certain teachers are trained in special needs education.

Parents raising an autistic child can learn from books and biographies related to autism to further understand their child’s needs in a better way.

Knowing more about Autism!

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Autism- symptoms-linear arrangements

The signs and symptoms of autism depend on the level of damage, demonstrating different degrees of characteristics. Some autistic children have minor issues in verbal and social development. Some are so unresponsive that they appear deaf. Autism may or may not be evident in children until the ages of 2 to 5 and the characteristics can be noticed as early as infancy.

Autistic children seem to be driven by habit. They prefer continuous, linear and repeated movements or phrases. They do the same thing, the same way all the time. They do not prefer to change their routine.

Some autistic children can have mental disorders or psychological issues. These are not necessarily a result of autism. Early diagnosis is key to the overall development, education, treatment, and functioning of autistic children.

Guide to signs of Autism in children.

Source: Kennedy Krieger Institute


Autism- no causes

There is no known cause of autism. However, genetic and environmental factors play a role in development of autism.  Identical twins have more chances of developing autism due to same genetic mutation. A family with a history of autism has the highest chance of developing autism.

Environmental factors may play a role in developing autism symptoms. There are other neurological factors which trigger the growth of autism symptoms.


Autism- family support

There is no known definite cure for autism. One can deal with autism by addressing symptoms through various therapies, social and communication intervention, and support from the family and the environment around an autistic child.

The treatments and interventions focus on improving verbal and nonverbal communication, social skills, and repetitive routines and interests. There are a few treatment centers in India which help an autistic child develop his or her interpersonal and communication skills.

If you are parenting an autistic child, the main thing to remember is that with your support, your child can attend and enjoy school, play a part in society and lead a normal and fulfilling life.


Autism-prevention-no alcohol

The causes of autism are unknown however it is believed that genetics may play a role in autism. There are a few cases where autism is caused by exposure to certain chemicals and other birth defect agents.

There are certain measures that may reduce the risk of a child with autism disorder such as:

  1. By avoiding alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
  2. By strictly restricting drug intake during pregnancy until prescribed by doctor.
  3. Certain immunizations like the rubella vaccination before pregnancy may prevent rubella-induced autism.
  4. By having regular check-ups during pregnancy.
  5. Eating healthily and exercising to remain fit, positive and well.

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