Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness and worry of things which have no known outcome. Anxiety disorders are a kind of metal disorders which are characterized by anxiety and fear.

There are various kinds of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. The cause of anxiety is largely unknown however a combination of factors may play a role in anxiety disorders.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety are restlessness, angry outbursts, and unnecessary tension. Certain lifestyle changes like being active, exercising, deep breathing, and doing fun activities can curb anxiety symptoms. Anxiety disorders can be managed with medications, psychotherapy and yoga.

How anxiety happens in your brain?

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Anxiety- symptom nail bite

There are various symptoms depending on the type of anxiety disorder, and some of the common symptoms include:

  1. Restlessness.
  2. Nervousness.
  3. Chest pain.
  4. Worrying and thinking too much.
  5. Difficulty in concentration.
  6. Numbness in the body.
  7. Sleep troubles.
  8. Shortness of breath.


anxiety causes

The main cause of anxiety disorders is unknown. However it is believed to be caused by a combination of factors like environmental conditions and genetics. A past event which had a negative impact on a person can also trigger anxiety disorder symptoms.

Certain underlying medical conditions like depression and schizophrenia may cause generalized anxiety disorder. There are several factors which can raise the risk of anxiety disorders such as:

  1. Personality disorder.
  2. Excessive self-consciousness.
  3. Family history with the same condition.


Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy can help treat anxiety

There are various ways in which anxiety disorders can be treated. Certain lifestyle changes like being active, exercising, deep breathing, and doing fun activities can curb anxiety symptoms. A person with an anxiety condition could also benefit with some non-drug home remedies like drinking herbal teas, a hot water bath, and a regular exercise routine.

Most types of anxiety disorders can be treated with medications and therapies. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy are the most widely used therapies to cure the condition, and yoga may help in treating anxiety.

Medication and Yoga helps in anxiety and stress.

Source: How to meditate, How to do Guided Meditations, Guided Kriya Yoga Meditation for Health and Healing


Eating flax seeds can help in treating Anxiety

One may keep a check on anxiety by following certain dietary habits such as:

  1. Eating more vegetables and less fried food.
  2. Eating omega-3 rich foods like fish.
  3. Eating protein rich foods like yogurt, eggs, and beans.
  4. Reducing alcohol and caffeine.
  5. Avoiding sugar or limiting the amount to a minimum.

Some lifestyle modifications could also help in the prevention of anxiety such as:

  1. Deep breathing.
  2. Being active and exercising.
  3. Facing anxious thoughts with optimism.
  4. Being socially active.
  5. Engaging in fun activities.
  6. Reading and or writing.
  7. Practising meditation and yoga.

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